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A wrapper for the GrowStocks API, made for both synchronous and asynchronous applications.

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You can install released versions of growstocks from the Python Package Index via pip or a similar tool:

Stable Release: pip install growstocks

Working Version: pip install git+


>>> import growstocks
>>> client = growstocks.Client(913117854995652992,"T%GRD4iEiFmgyYE!O5&ZCx3Rn%uqwPV3")
>>> client.default_scopes = growstocks.Scopes(profile=True, balance=True, discord=True)
>>> user = client.auth.fetch_user('31G4k57rG3asdyyi5Lqk')
>>> dict(user)
{'discord_id': '690420846774321221',
 'id': 1916,
 'name': 'BobDotCom',
 'email': None,
 'growid': 'Bob430',
 'balance': 3}

Using Async

To use in an async context, just use import growstocks.aio as growstocks as your import and make sure to await the functions marked as coroutines.

import growstocks.aio as growstocks


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